Jayhusker Racing UK.

Pure Fun Racing

Everything you can ask for in racing. Jay husker Racing demands/builds skills but no need for an expensive track car. All the trills of racing on a budget.

Competition Results

Find out who won the race last weekend. And sign up to beat them the next time.

Live broadcast

The races are Live broadcasted on YouTube and recorded so you can show all your friends how you won.

Latest News On Jay Husker

man and van racing

Peter our go to Man and van London business just helped a couple of us move house in the last year. His team does well in the races but the joke is often he is just as quick in his van as on the track. Which puts his business in the spot of fastest removal business. As formerly discussed, there are a number of different aspects that are taken into account, when figuring out the cost of using a expert moving business. One of those factors includes where you are transferring to and exactly how far that distance is from your present home. If you are planning on.

mobile auto locksmith

Last season winner is a Auto Locksmith London making sure people don’t get stranded when they are locked out of there cars. It is the truth that most of us do not try to call an automotive locksmith until there occurs a emergency circumstance. But when an unfortunate scenario arises, people first think about emergency locksmith for immediate help. He helps significantly during an emergency situation in order to reduce the inconvenience and gives peace of mind by helping you to drive your vehicle easily and gain access to the car doors with ease.